Monday, October 12, 2015

Soccer stars

Our soccer season was pretty crazy this year. Maylee was finally old enough to play and for some crazy reason I thought it would be fun for me to coach her team. We had 8 kids on our team, Maylee was one of only two girls. All but three kids were from our neighborhood and best of all Jackson (Maylee's cousin and best friend) got to be on our team. We called ourselves the superkickers and we won almost all of our games.
Morgan was the assistant coach. She was able to help at the practices and was at every game that wasn't at the same time as her own games.
Morgan played for the sixth year. She did so great this year. Most of the time she played defense which she is very good at, her favorite position is the stopper. She did get a few opportunities to play as forward and she scored during one of those few times. She got to have Natalie Jeffs as a coach again and a lot of her friends played on her team. Natalie taught them so much, took them to a college game and then had a fun end of the season party at the Pizza factory. I loved watching Morgan play this year-she was confident and aggressive. Last year she was in pain during most of her games so she didn't run as fast or play as hard. I hope she continues to play because she just keeps getting better.
Morgan's team was the mighty mustaches.
Gotta love our soccer stars. We love to watch our girls play but it's always nice when the season comes to an end so we can have a little more free time!

Monday, September 21, 2015

1st day of school

This is probably the last time I will be allowed to take the first day of school pictures for Koby,since his next first day he will be off to college. I hope he has an amazing year.
A couple of days before he started school he was lucky enough to get his braces off. He didn't want to smile for me but I reminded him that we had just paid $4000 for that smile so he better share it. Morgan started 5th grade and she really loves it.
I think it will be an awesome year for our girl! Maylee is also "going" to school. She is participating in an online preschool. She would rather be in a real pre-school but because of work schedules and real life we are going the online route. She is learning so much and I can see how fast she is picking up stuff.
She is such a smartie and before we know it she will be starting Kindergarten.

Final days of the best vacation of the Summer 2015-

Finally, the last post about our epic vacation! On Friday morning we took our time getting up and going and then headed back to Wrightwood. We spent Friday afternoon/evening and part of Saturday just hanging out and enjoying each others company. The girls put on a play for us-it was incredibly amusing.
Jac and the Anderson girls made this really cool jeep for their primary activity (they were going to a drive inn movie at the church). Maylee had a lot of fun playing in it with Kelli and Laney. Morgan and Makayla were inseparable and there were plenty of tears when we left to head home. We made it to St. George early in the evening on Saturday. Steve hit the gym and I helped Maylee with her homework. We lounged a lot and then grabbed dinner and played at the pool. Koby didn't want to swim but we made him come and hang out with us at the pool. There were some girls there that were very glad to have Koby there. They kept watching him and jumping in and out of the pool in front of him and once they even tried to secretly take his picture-these three girls could not have been more obvious. We do know Koby is incredibly handsome and here was even more proof-three teenage girls crushing on our boy! We got home Sunday just in time for church. It was so nice to be home but this was one of the best vacations we have ever had. Steve and I were talking the other day and said that they only thing we would have changed was having Koby with us the whole time. I am so grateful that we got this opportunity to spend time together and experience new things.

Part 4- Knott's Berry Farm & Driving

We spent Thursday at Knott's Berry farm. Steve and Koby explored the big kid rides and the girls and I stayed in the kid section.
Of course I have lots of pictures of the girls but very few of the guys. We met up later and watched a wild west show, then ate dinner and went on the log ride all together. It was really fun but so tiring. We were exhausted at the end of the day!

Part 3-Huntington Beach

I love spending the day at the beach. We had an amazing time and so this day gets a post all to itself. We left the Anderson's house after a late breakfast but luckily they came with us! We drove to Huntington Beach and spent nearly all day and part of the evening there. We loved spending time with the Andersons.
Jacob taught Steve and Koby how to boogie board. They really enjoyed it but it wore Koby out.
Morgan spent nearly all day in the water-she and Makayla loved to body surf and jump waves. Morgan is our water girl for sure!
Maylee liked to run away from the waves, play in the shallow water , build sand castles and then she LOVED finding seashells.
Once it started to get dark and our stomachs started to growl we set up around a fire pit and roasted hotdogs and smores for our dinner. The Anderson's spoiled us like crazy this day! Thanks guys we love you and can't wait to come again!
Koby even let Morgan bury his feet.